What are Topre Switches? Why are they so Expensive?

What are Topre Switches

If you’re a keyboard enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of Topre switches. But what are Topre Switches and why are they so popular?

Many keyboard lovers know that they are considered one of the most luxurious and rare switches available today. Get ready for a smooth ride as soon as you try them – it’s no wonder why they leave many speechless!

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of What are Topre switches, how they work, and why they are so popular among mechanical keyboard lovers. 

What are Topre Switches?

A Topre switch is an electrostatic capacitive non-contact key switch developed by the Japanese company Topre Corporation. The key switch has been around since 1983 but has only recently gained traction in the keyboard enthusiast community due to its unique feel and sound. 

Unlike other mechanical switches, which use physical contact between two metal parts, Topre switches use capacitive sensing, which relies on electric signals to detect when a key has been pressed. This makes them quieter than other types of mechanical switches, while still providing tactile feedback. The result is a more comfortable typing experience with less noise than traditional mechanical switches. 

These switches, which produce an incredibly accurate and responsive typing experience, are the backbone of their Topre Realforce Keyboard and countless other mechanical keyboards worldwide. It’s no wonder why their best-known product is also one of their most popular keyboards.

Types of Topre Switches:

Now you know What are Topre Switches and how they work. There are different companies that make Topre switches other than the original Japanese company. They create Topre Keyboards.

Standard Topre Switch:

The Standard Topre Switch is known for its smooth and consistent tactile feedback, making it an ideal choice for gamers and typists  The switch is made up of two components – the stem, which is the part that is pressed down to activate the key, and the spring, which is the part that provides resistance when pressing down. 

Purple Switch:

The Purple Switch is a variation of the Standard Topre Switch that offers decreased noise when typing. It was initially only used in silenced keyboards but has since become increasingly popular due to its unique feel and properties. 

Short-Throw Switch:

The Short-Throw Switch is a variation of the Standard Topre Switch designed for use in compact keyboards with limited space. These switches are much shorter than regular switches, offering a reduced actuation distance and faster key travel. The most common Short-Throw Switch used in keyboards is the 55cN weight version.

Are Topre Switches Worth Buying? Why they are Expensive?

Topre switches are considered to be some of the best in terms of quality and performance, and they certainly come with a hefty price tag. However, there are a few reasons why they are worth buying and why they are expensive:

Electro-Capacitive Actuation:

Electro-Capacitive Actuation is a specialized type of switch technology found in Topre switches. It uses an electrical charge to create a static field between two metal plates, which then actuates the switch when pressed. This type of actuation makes Topre switches incredibly durable and consistent, allowing for more precise keystrokes and better overall performance. It also allows for a more silent typing experience, which is very beneficial in an office setting. 

Used for Specific Reasons

Topre switches are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes, making them an ideal choice for both gaming and work. For gamers, the tactile feedback provided by Topre switches provides a more responsive and enjoyable experience than other types of switches. However, due to the lack of familiarity with Topre switch keyboards in comparison to other mechanical keyboards, their prices remain relatively high.

Excellent Quality

Topre keyboards have a remarkable construction quality, whether they are produced by one manufacturer or another. It is their quality material composition that ensures durability and sleek aesthetics to last over the years.

What Do Topre Switches Feel Like?

Topre switches provide a unique typing experience, offering users a feeling that’s similar to both rubber dome and Cherry MX Red. However, Topre keyboards are more solid than other rubber domes.  Additionally, Topre switches are known for their smooth and consistent tactile feedback, which makes them ideal for both gaming and typing.  The switches also offer a pleasant sound, which is much quieter than other mechanical keyboards. Ultimately, Topre switches provide an unmatched typing experience that can’t be found with other switch types.

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What Do Topre Switches Sound Like?

Topre switches are renowned for their quiet operation, especially when compared to other mechanical keyboard switches. The sound they make is described by some as a subtle thud-like noise, due to the electro-capacitive actuation process in which electricity is used to create a static field between two metal plates. This produces an almost cushion-like sound that is much quieter than other switch types. Additionally, due to the unique actuation process, Topre switches to produce a consistent sound throughout every keystroke.  This makes them ideal for office use as well as gaming.

This is a sound test of the Happy Hacking Topre keyboard done by Rhinofeed on their Youtube channel.


In conclusion, Topre switches are definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for a premium typing or gaming experience. They provide superior tactile feedback and a pleasant sound that is much quieter than other mechanical keyboards. Additionally, they offer exceptional durability due to their electro-capacitive actuation process and have excellent construction quality no matter which manufacturer produces them. In this guide, you must know what are Topre Switches and why are they so popular. With all these features combined, it’s easy to see why Topre switches are so popular among gamers and typists alike!

Get a top-notch keyboard from Topre today and enjoy an upgraded computing life!

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