How to Clean Mechanical Keyboard Switches – 9 Steps Expert Guide

How to Clean Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Are you facing a problem while typing because your mechanical keyboard switches are dirty? This guide gives many tips on how to clean mechanical keyboard switches at home without damaging them.

Many individuals assume mechanical keyboards are out of fashion because of the latest technologies, but this isn’t true. These keyboards are essential for various jobs and activities. Though you may find many electronics with advanced technologies, mechanical keyboards are still a basic need in our lives.

Mechanical keyboards have many uses, and because of this, they can get dirty quickly. Many dirt particles get stuck into the keyboard switches, resulting in the malfunctioning of some keys. You can clean your keyboard switches with some easy tips, but you must be careful when cleaning because the keyboard is one of the most sensitive electronic devices. Let us find out more about how to clean mechanical keyboard switches at home without damaging them.

9-Steps on How To Clean Mechanical Keyboard Switches

I have discussed a step-by-step process that shows you how to clean mechanical keyboard switches.

1. Unplugging The Keyboard

The first step in the mechanical keyboard switch cleaning process is to unplug it to minimize the risks of accidents. Although it does not seem too important, it is essential for various reasons. If you leave the keyboard plugged in, you are at high risk of being electrocuted. Therefore, you must unplug the keyboard to prevent any hazardous situation.

2. Capturing The Picture Of A Keyboard

The next and one of the most significant steps in mechanical keyboard switch cleaning is to capture a picture of your keyboard. Do you want to know about the importance of this step? This picture will help you to attach the keyboard keys in the right places after cleaning. Therefore, you must complete this step. Otherwise, you will face problems inserting the keys back into their position.

3. Removing The Keys

After capturing the picture of your keyboard, you now need a keyboard key puller. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it from any shop or online from this link. Though removing the keys is a fun job, you must be careful during this removal process because if any key gets damaged, you will get in trouble. Therefore, pull the keys out gently and slowly to prevent any damage.

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4. Cleaning The Keycaps

Although you can find various options to clean the keycaps, the most suitable and safe option is simply rinsing them. You can collect all keycaps and put them in a strainer. I recommend rinsing them with warm water to remove as much dust as possible. You can also try other chemicals that help to remove the debris from keycaps without damaging them.

5. Using Compressed Air For Keycaps

If you don’t want to rinse your keycaps, the most suitable option is to use compressed air. You can clean the keycaps with the help of compressed air. One needs to spray the keys from both sides from a certain distance to remove debris. Spraying the keys from a certain distance protects them from any damage. Compressed air can also remove tiny dust particles from underneath the keycaps. In short, it is one of the most reliable processes for cleaning the keys.

6. Drying The Components

After removing the tough stains and debris, the next step is to dry all the keycaps. You shouldn’t leave any keycap wet because it can cause various problems with the keyboard. Moreover, drying the keycaps is also essential to prevent electrical damage to your device.

7. Cleaning The Stabilizers

Now, you need to clean the stabilizers on your keyboard. Many stabilizers are present on the keyboard and play a prominent role in attaching the keycaps to the keyboard. Furthermore, these stabilizers are the sites for catching dust. In some cases, a stabilizer gets jammed, and because of this, you can’t type a specific letter. You can clean the stabilizers with a brush or fabric.

8. Cleaning The Board

After you finish cleaning the stabilizers, Here’s the 8th step in the mechanical keyboard switch cleaning process, It’s time for the board cleaning. Usually, the dust appears on the board, but its cleaning process is easy. If you have a small handy vacuum, you can use it to remove all the dust. Besides that, the easiest way is to use a brush to remove the debris. After getting the dust off your keyboard, you need to use Q tips and rubbing alcohol for deep cleaning. This process will remove all the tough stains and debris from your keyboard.

9. Reinstalling The Keycaps

Lastly, you need to reinstall the keycaps on their respective positions with the help of the picture you captured earlier. It is the easiest step in the cleaning process of the keyboard switches. You need to press the keys down, and you will hear a clicking sound, which means that the stabilizers have successfully attached the keycaps to the board. We have also written a detailed guide on how to lube keyboard switches.

Final Verdict:

The above guide contains a list of steps that explain clearly how to clean mechanical keyboard switches. These processes are the easiest and safest methods to clean the keyboard without damaging it. You might find a lot of techniques to clean a keyboard, but they put your device at risk of damage. You must be careful when performing these steps because the keyboard is one of the delicate electronic devices. Hopefully, the above steps helped you in cleaning your keyboard switches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Clean Mechanical Switches?

Yes, you can clean mechanical switches with different techniques. Cleaning the mechanical switches is essential because it makes them long-lasting and enhances performance.

How Do You Clean Dirty Keyboard Switches?

Though you may find many techniques to clean a dirty keyboard, they can damage your keyboard in various ways. Therefore, I have mentioned the most suitable, easiest, and safest cleaning method for your keyboard switches.

Is It Safe to Wash Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

Yes, you can safely wash your mechanical keyboard switches, but you must be careful with the keycaps. Moreover, you must let the keycaps dry, or they will increase the risks of hazardous situations.

How to clean mechanical keyboard switches

One of the easiest ways to clean the keyboard switches is by rinsing them with water. If you still see tough stains or debris on the buttons, you must spray compressed air to remove the stains. You have to spray it on the switches from a certain distance, and it will remove all kinds of dirt from the buttons.

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