The Best Clicky Switches for Mechanical Keyboards 2024

best Clicky Switches for Mechanical Keyboards

Do you like the sound of a typewriter or want to create a competitive environment in your gaming zone? Then replacing regular switches with clicky switches can be a game-changer for you. However, finding the best clicky switches is a bit challenging because each product has a different travel distance, actuation point, and tactility. Therefore, for a good result, it is essential to pick one after extensive research. 

If you are not into this, then here I have a list of top clicky switches after testing almost all available options. In this article, I will share all the required information that helps you understand clicky switches and how you can find the best clicky switches for you. Are you ready to find a suitable product for you to boost your clicking experience? Keep reading. 

Best Clicky Switches of 2024 – Top Picks

1. Kailh Box Mechanical Switches

With Kailh Box Mechanical Switches, you can experience the best clicking sound in both directions. If you want to buy best clicky switches for your MX mechanical gaming keyboard, it is an all-rounder in terms of quality and clicks. Moreover, these keys are highly stable and well-known due to this feature. So with these switches, you can create wobble-free and accurate clicks. Also, this feature lets you experience a sweet clicky sound. 

The feel of these keys is tactile, and you can feel the bump while registering a click. The travel distance of these keys is 3.6mm, which is enough to create an audible sound. With a 45g force, you can touch the actuation point, and 55g force to get a complete press. You can use them ideally for 60%, TKL, and full-sized keyboard. 

Furthermore, if you have an RGB keyboard, the transparent color allows you to enjoy colors better. By using these keys, you can improve the looks of your keyboard. Also, regarding quality, the 60 million keystrokes validation makes them worthy of the cost. You can easily use them for 3 Pin PCB Design. However, these can also work with 5 Pin design. Kailh Box Mechanical Switches are on top of the list because they add value to your gaming life and are worth your every hard-earned penny.


  • Heavy clicking sound
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for almost all keyboards
  • Stable design


  • Take time for installation

Kailh Box Mechanical Switches are 80 million keystroke life spans that pays-off your money. You can easily use it for general typing and for gaming without giving it a second thought. This is what you need if you are looking for the best clicky switches. 

2. NovelKeys Kail Sherbet Switch

If you want something that makes your keyboard pop up and creates a clicky sound with every click you make, then NovelKeys Kail Sherbet Switch is what you should check. This is why they are on second on the list of best clicky switches. It works perfectly and provides a different feel when touched; that is the main highlight of this product. Moreover, the travel distance of this key is longer than any other option. Therefore, you will get the loudest clicks to boost your clicking experience. 

Furthermore, this product clicking asks for extra force compared to regular clicky switches. This amazing addition helps this switch to produce extra sound. You can hear a thicker sound than a Kailh switch. When it comes to actuation force, you don’t have to put much pressure. With 45g force, you can register a click. However, the bottom-out force is unbelievably high, i.e., 70g; therefore, no one can beat the sound. 

If you cannot afford Kailh Box Whites, the Kailh Sherbet Switches are an ideal replacement. This product gives you quality, clicky sound, and the highest bottom-out force. People who like extraordinary things prefer this product. If you are the one that is looking for real value for your money, this is what you need to choose.


  • Highest bottom-out force
  • Highest clicky sound
  • Long travel distance
  • Pocket-friendly


  • A bit gritty

Kailh Sherbet Switches are ideal if you don’t want to buy a full keyboard key and want to replace some keys. You can easily adjust these keys on your keyboard and enjoy a clicky sound. Also, if you are unsure whether to buy full keyboard switches, you can buy a set of 10 to make a suitable decision.

3. OUTEMU Blue Switch 3 Pin Key Switch

Are you tight on budget and want good-quality clicky switches to maintain your gaming level? Then try OUTEMU Blue Switch 3 Pin Keyswitches. It is one of the most affordable options in this list of best clicky switches. Also, you can easily install these keys by doing a DIY project. This is a perfect pick for you if you want to upgrade your keyboard with limited money.

Moreover, these keys are more like Gateron & Cherry MX but at a very low price. It is a recommended product if you are a writer and use your keyboard for typing. Due to its tactile bump and high clicky force, you cannot miss a single alphabet. Also, the sound of this amazing product is loud to make any assignment enjoyable; therefore, these keys are more suitable for typing tasks. 

Furthermore, the construction of these keys is good enough and has a lifespan of 40 million keystrokes. Also, these stable keys let you enjoy a smooth clicking experience. The actuation point of these keys is 4mm; therefore, you have to apply 60g force, which is relatively high. Suppose you want quality and highly clicky switches for your keyboard without disturbing your budget. In that case, nothing can beat the OUTEMU Blue Switch 3-Pin Key Switch.


  • Cheapest keyboard switches
  • Loud click
  • Long travel distance


  • Not for gaming

OUTEMU Blue Switch 3 Pin Keyswitch is a must-have product because it offers quality, loud sound, and stable design even at this price range. Moreover, the lifespan is 40 million keystrokes, which is more than impressive. Add this product to your shopping cart if you want quality at this price range.

4. Cherry MX Brown Keyswitch (10 pack) – MX1AG1NN

Cherry MX Brown Key Switches are of well-known switches that produce good clicks with attractive sound. The bump of these keys is quite unique and lets you feel each click. However, it is not that high to ask for extra actuation force. The tactically in this product is just like the sweet spot. Both actuation and coming back force are light; therefore, these keys are light clicky. 

The keys are not extraordinarily clicky in terms of sound, and if your primary concern is a loud click, then this is not for you. However, if you want a noticeable sound that is not so loud, then this will work for you. Other than this, these keys are stable enough to provide good performance. There is a little top housing wobble, but it has nothing to do with quality. The most noticeable wobbling point is stem wobble, which somehow gets your attention during usage. 

In appearance, these keys are minor in size and have a beautiful tea-brown color to enhance the looks of your keyboard. Overall, in terms of performance, sound, and looks, the Cherry MX Brown Key Switches are average. Also, these keys have an affordable price range. If you want keys for games, typing, or any general use, you can pick these keys.


  • Good price range
  • Noticeable sound
  • Light clicky for general use


  • Not for RGB lights

Cherry MX Brown Key Switches are more like average switches that offer everything well at an affordable price. If you want a light clicky sound and want a noticeable tactile feel under your fingers, then try this product. Try this to experience light clicks but a quality product. 

5. Gateron Switches Mx Keyboard Switch

Are you a gamer and like to feel the noise of each click? Then Gateron Switches Mx Keyboard Switches are what you need to check because of the sound they create. Also, suppose you are new to these terms and have never replaced the keys of your keyboard. In that case, these keys are easy to replace and provide a quality experience. This product lets you enjoy quality bumpy touch and loud sound to notify each click precisely. 

Moreover, the actuation distance is similar to regular switches. Still, you must apply a high actuation force, i.e., 80g, 20g higher than the blue version. This high actuation force lets the switches create heavy clicky noise that makes gaming a whole new experience. In a highly competitive environment, these boost the energy that helps you gain passion during the competition. If you want this boost for a better feel, choose these switches. 

If you previously owned Gateron’s Blue switches, these green ones are like an upgrade with better quality and features. Moreover, the lifespan of these keys is 50 million keystrokes which are worth the money you pay. If you are a writer and want a typewriter feel, then you can go with this; however, it requires extra force to reach the actuation point, so think before you buy. Overall, this product is ideal for gamers.


  • Work with MX-stem keycaps
  • Good price range
  • 50 Million Keystorkes


  • Keys are heavy

Gateron Switches Mx Keyboard Switches are suitable if you want a heavy clicky sound or looking for typing keys with old vintage keys. The 80-gram actuation force is what makes it ideal. Even if you are tight on budget, you can afford this fantastic product. So, get them without giving them a second thought. 

6. Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switches are perfect for gamers because of the quick response time, short travel distance, and less actuation force without compromising on iconic clicky sound. This product can fulfill your requirement if you are not into keys with high actuation force because they need more effort. The short travel distance makes quick clicks, and its construction produces a loud, clicky sound. 

Moreover, these keys are durable enough to produce 70 million keystrokes. I can simply call this product the most durable in this list of best clicky switches. Also, the short distance allows you to create multiple yet accurate clicks without disturbance. The touch feel of this product is tactical, and the low actuation force makes it a bit soft. However, if this makes you think that the clicky sound will be low, then you are wrong. 

Furthermore, these keys are suitable if you want to create a DIY project. You can easily remove and install them. This way, you can keep them clean and do anything without assistance. Overall, suppose you are an avid gamer. In that case, this short-travel distance product is ideal because of its fast clicks and accuracy. No one can beat you with these keys while keeping the clicky fun on point.


  • For gamers keycaps
  • Quick response
  • Accurate clicks 
  • Good clicky sound 


  • Low tactility

Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switches are good if you want to pair them with RGB lights. Moreover, these keys give your keyboard a sleek look and provide multiple accurate clicks due to short distances. Pay attention to this product if you are not into heavy tactile keys and want something soft yet clicky.

Why Use Clicky Switches?

If you are a gamer and own a specific space for you, then you need clicky switches for your keyboard. The clicky sound from switches improves the gaming environment and makes the experience more fun. Also, if you like random noises, you must go for these switches. Moreover, if you play with others while keeping your microphone off, you can enjoy the best clicky switches. However, these switches are not for everyone. 

It is a fact that the pros and cons of each thing depend on the user. Therefore, if you have personal space, you can choose them. In contrast, if you want switches to use at your office or for a place full of people, the use of clicky switches may disturb others. So, in this situation, choose silent and less noisy switches to keep others at peace. Buying clicking switches offer the best clicking experience as they allow you to hear your clicks but make sure that you are not causing a disturbance. 

Clicky vs Linear Switches 

Clicky and linear switches are like things from opposite worlds because clicky switches are best known for their loud sound, while linear switches are smooth and quiet. However, both types have pros and cons based on the situation and space where you want to use them. You can pick linear switches if you want smooth, non-tactile, and soundproof clicks. These switches have no identification for actuation points and register the click silently to work for offices ideally. 

On the other hand, if you like to hear the sound of your clicks and the clicking sound feels like music to your ear, go with clicky switches. These switches are tactile in touch, and you must press them with full passion. Due to this nature, they produce clicky sounds and make a gaming environment. Choose one while keeping your needs in consideration.

Clicky vs Tactile Switches 

Clicky and tactile switches are somehow similar in feel. However, the sound of clicky switches is loud compared to tactile ones. When you use tactile switches, the actuation point of each key has a bump that allows you to find the point where a key registers the click. On the other hand, clicky switches provide a similar experience but with a loud sound. 

You can simply consider tactile switches a central line between linear and clicky switches. Therefore, if you don’t want extra loud clicks, but cannot go with linear switches, then choose tactile ones. With them, you can experience a balance and can easily use them in public while getting the feel of your clicks.

The Bottom Line

If you like tactile bumps and heavy clicky sounds, then after reading this list of the best clicky switches, you will surely find the right product for you. If you want keys for gaming, then buy keys with less actuation power because these keys require less force and can generate multiple clicks. In contrast, for typing purposes, hard keys provide more accuracy and no missing alphabets during work. However, if you want one for general use, go for any option. From the list, these are my favorite three products. 

  • Gateron Switches Mx Keyboard Switches are suitable for typing and general purposes because of extraordinary actuation force, i.e., 80g. With these keys, you can create the loudest clicky sound and enjoy your time. 
  • OUTEMU Blue Switch 3 Pin Key Switches are ideal when it comes to price. These are the most affordable keys, and you can use them for DIY projects. Moreover, even if these are cheap, they still provide the required audible sound and tactility to ensure good gaming or typing experience. 
  • Kailh Box Mechanical Switches are perfect for almost all keyboards. Due to transparent construction, you can set them for RGB lights. Also, the bump and clicky sound are enough to boost your typing experience. 

You can pick any key switches for a clicky experience. However, for accurate results, make sure to define your requirements and then find switches according to them. For this, check their tacticality, travel distance, and actuation force. Although these switches are relatively inexpensive, choose them wisely for a better experience. Keep these points in mind and pick the most suitable best clicky switches for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are clicky switches?

Clicky switches are more like tactile switches and own a bump to let you know the actuation point of the key. When you use these switches, you can notice the registration point of the click. However, clicky switches are more than tactile in terms of sound. These switches have audible clicky sounds to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. 

Are clicky switches any good?

Yes, if you have personal space and want to level up your gaming experience, then clicky switches are what you need. These switches provide accurate clicks with an interesting sound. Therefore, if you are skeptical about these fun keys, leave these doubts, buy these switches and enjoy the clicky sound.

Do blue switches feel clicky?

Yes, blue switches offer the best clicky sounds, and pros choose them because of the intense sound. You can use them in a competitive environment to make them more attractive. In-game face-offs, you can get responsive clicks with the required sound with blue keys.

What are switches clicky but not loud?

Tactile switches are like clicky switches but not loud. You can get tactile switches if you want a clicky feel, but don’t handle clicky noise. In contrast, if you are a gaming person, clicky switches are helpful to lift the spirit. 

What color keys are clicky?

The blue and green colored keys are clicky ones. Choose these two colors if you want clicky sounds while using the keyboard. In contrast, if you want linear clicks, go with red and black switches. If you like a bump but cannot bear the sound, then you need tactile switches. These switches have a brown and clear color.

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