Mechanical Keyboard Color Switches: Everything You Need to Know

Mechanical keyboards are not only the keyboards that work in perfection with your needs but also are the ones that tell others about your personality and style. There are many options for customization in the mechanical keyboard color switches so that you can create your own style keyboard for your use. The mechanical keyboard color switches are one of them.

In this article, we are going to talk about mechanical keyboard color switches, and their three basic types: What they mean, and what brand comes with a specific color to describe the specific type of key.

Read the following details so you are aware of everything related to mechanical keyboard color switches, and their purpose.

Mechanical Keyboard Color Switches Meaning:

Mechanical keyboards have colors that represent their type and functioning. Most mechanical keyboards use colors to indicate the type of switch and whether the switch is tactile linear or clicking. These are the three basic types of switches that are generally represented by the colors on the keyboard. We will first focus on the types of switches, then their representation by colors, and what brand comes with what color to represent the type of switch. Let us start with 3 types of switches now!

3 Types Of Keyboard Switches:

There are three types of switches that are present in mechanical keyboards. Each one of these switches is different from the others and is represented by different colors. These three switches are,

  • Linear Switches
  • Tactile Switches
  • Clicky Switches

Linear Switches

Linear keyboard switches are the simplest keyboard switches that are very easy to press. They have a smooth and direct path from top to bottom. You will not feel any hurdle while pressing them nor will hear any kind of sound. Moreover, the linear keyboard switches require the least pressure and effort from your side to click the button.

Tactile Switches

Tactile keyboard switches are another type of keyboard switch that gives you a feel of a bump while pressing them. You will feel this bump in the surroundings of the actuation point. The reason why this bump is present in the switch is that it tells you whether the key has registered or not. It does not create any sound.

Clicky Switches

Keyboard switches are the last type of keyboard switches, also called subtypes of tactile switches. These not only give you a feel of a bump when you are pressing them but also give you a clear audible sound of pressing, to assure that the button has registered itself. Well, these switches are comparatively louder than the tactile keyboard keys. Now, as we have discussed the types of switches, I am going to further elaborate on what colors are generally used for what type of switch.

If you want to learn more about types of switches, read our detailed guide on Tactile Vs Linear Vs Clicky: Which Switch Type Suits You?

Mechanical Keyboard Color Switches Meaning:

Linear Switches

Color: Yellow, Black, Red

The linear switches are generally represented by red, yellow, and black colors. All those switches that are black, yellow, and red are linear. They are very easy and direct to press. You will feel no bump when pressing them neither will feel any kind of sound. Well, these switches are used mostly for gaming purposes.

Tactile Switches

Colors: Brown, Clear

The tactile switches normally come in brown or clear color. These keyboard keys have tiny bumps that you can feel when you press them. Moreover, these switches also create slight noise that let you know that they have registered themselves. And when it comes to usage, tactile switches are used for gaming and typing purposes.

Clicky Switches

Colors: Blue, Green

The clicky switches are most commonly found in blue and green colors. You will feel small bumps when you press them. Moreover, you will hear the clicky sound while typing and pressing the buttons. The sound changes from medium to loud noise level. These clicky-switch types are also used for gaming and typing purposes.

The colors that I have elaborated on above are the basic colors that are used in keyboard keys and used to explain mechanical keyboard color switches. Keep in mind that there are other colors too. As we have discussed the color of the keyboard switches to the type of switches, we are now going to focus on the color switches by brand. I am going to elaborate here on the popular keyboard key manufacturers and what colors they use to specify the type of switch.

Keyboard Switches And Brands

Following is the list of brands that are manufacturing reliable keyboard switches.

  • Cherry MX
  • Razer
  • Gateron
  • Kailh

All 4 of these are the most popular brands manufacturing the keys and they have different colors for mechanical keyboard color switches. Let us start with the description of each brand.

Cherry MX Switches

If you are purchasing keyboard switches from the Cherry MX brand, the following are the details of the switch color and type they depict. Keep in mind these details so that you can make the right selection of the keys according to their types and colors. The switches that have MX Black, MX Silent Red, MX Red, MX silent Black, and MX Speed Silver color are linear types of switches. They are quiet in functioning and do not create any sound. These switches are highly recommended for gaming purposes and make you feel light and smooth when you press them.

Similarly, when you are purchasing from Cherry MX, those keys that have MX Brown and MX Clear colors, are tactile and demand slight pressure application for pressing. They create very little sound and are ideal for gaming and typing purposes. Similarly, the MX blue color of the MX keyboard switches tells you that this switch is clicky and is comparatively louder than others. It creates more sound when you press them and demands pressure application when you’re pressing them.


Razer is a brand that not only manufactures keyboard switches but also makes everything used in the gaming industry, starting from gaming mice to mechanical keyboards. These keyboards come with their switches. The Razer Green Switch is a heavily clicky switch that gives you a sound of clicking when you press them and makes you feel pressing. Similarly, Razer Orange is a medium tactile type of switch that is not very smooth to pressure but demands a little pressure when pressing.

Similarly, it creates sound and is ideal for gaming and typing purposes. Lastly, we have the Razer Yellow shade in the razer switches that describes the linear type of switches. These are direct and smooth and do not demand the application of pressure. They are light and make you feel easy and smooth to click. Moreover, these switches are ideal for gaming and make it possible for you to play the game in a silent environment ensuring there is no unnecessary sound clicking around you.


This is another brand that is almost similar to Cherry MX switches in construction and functioning but is comparatively budget-friendly in price. When you are purchasing the keyboard switches from Gateron, the Gateron Inks are the type of switches that are semi-transparent and inky in looks. Then, we have the Gateron Pro Switches. These are comparatively more expensive and come with updated molds to reduce the wobble in the stem.

The Gateron Box Inks are almost similar to the Inks but come with a small box located around the stem. The last switches we have from the Gateron brand are the Gateron cap switches; these are similar to Inks but come with a lower pitch and tight stem.


Kailh is one of the most affordable brands of switches that makes reliable switches but at an affordable price. When you are purchasing the switches from the Kailh manufacturing brand, you have to keep in mind that the red and black color of this brand tells you about the linear type of switch. These linear switches are light and very smooth to operate. They are quiet and do not create any sound when you press them. Moreover, these switches are ideal for gaming needs.

Similarly, the Kailh Brown Kailh Box Burnt Orange are tactile switches that create a medium sound level and are ideal for typing and gaming needs. They are easy to press and make you feel a bump around the actuation point when you are pressing them. Moreover the Kailh Blue, Kailh Box Pink, and Kailh Box Jades, in addition to Kailh Box Navy are all four colors of clicky switch type. These switches are tactile to press and create a sound of clicking when you press them. All four of these clicky-switch types are ideal for gaming, typing, and anything involving typing needs.

What Mechanical Keyboard Color Switches Are the Best?

There is no simple answer to what mechanical keyboard color switches are best because It depends totally upon the preferences and choices of the users. Linear switches are normally red and black; they are more recommended for gaming purposes. The tactile switches come in brown shades and are known for providing ideal performance in typing and when it comes to general usage. The clicky switches are normally blue and green which creates sounds and makes you feel the bump around the actuation point when pressing. Now it depends on you what type of switch you prefer and wants according to your need.

What Do Different Mechanical Keyboard Color Switches Mean?

The mechanical keyboard color switches tell us about the type of switches. This tells us whether the switch is linear, tactile, or clicky. There are so many switch colors that are available for keyboard switches. Different colors switch means that the switch is of a certain type, giving you a certain sound and a certain type of feel. Linear switches are generally represented by black and red color, the tactile switches are represented by brown color and the clicky switch is represented by blue and green color.

What is the Best Color Mechanical Keyboard Color Switch for Typing?

Tactiles are the best mechanical keyboard color switches for typing purposes. You can go with MX Brown and MX clear color from Cherry MX brand to get the best type of switch. These mechanical keyboard color switches give you not only a noticeable bump but also a noticeable sound when you hit them at the actuation point. This tells you whether you are typing without looking correctly with high accuracy, or not. Moreover, the sound confirms whether the key you have pressed has registered itself or not.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned article tells you everything about mechanical keyboard color switches and explains what the three basic types of switches are and what colors are used for explaining those types. Moreover, I have also elaborated on the details related to brands manufacturing certain types of switches with certain specifications of colors. You can also review our article if you want to clean your mechanical keyboard switches or replace your keyboard switches.

Plus, the details related to every brand, the switch type, and the color it has been used for describing the type of switch are all mentioned above. What you have to do is to read the article with thorough attention so that you are aware of what type of color represents what type of switch and what type of switch you have to purchase according to your need so you can know about mechanical keyboard color switches.

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