Review Process Criteria

At Keybolab, we understand that it’s important to have a reliable and consistent review process. That’s why we’ve developed our own criteria for reviewing keyboard switches and mechanical keyboards.

Our criteria focus on four major aspects: durability, design, performance, and overall feel. We take each of these categories into consideration when evaluating the products.


For durability, we look at the strength of the switch and its ability to withstand heavy use over time. We also review any additional features such as waterproofing or dust protection that may increase the longevity of the device.


When it comes to design, we consider both form and function. We take into account factors such as style, ergonomics, and the overall look and feel of the keyboard.


Performance is a key element of any switch or mechanical keyboard. We evaluate factors like switch speed, accuracy, and responsiveness to ensure that users get the best experience possible.

Overall Feel:

Finally, we look at the overall feel of the device. We examine factors such as tactile feedback, gaming experience, and audio quality to determine the overall comfort of using the device.

Our review process is comprehensive and rigorous. We make sure to take every aspect into consideration when evaluating a product to ensure that only the best products are featured on our blog. If you’re looking for detailed reviews on keyboard switches and mechanical keyboards, head over to Keybolab!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy typing!